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Global Airline Schedules Data

Capstats.com is a portal for viewing and downloading current and historic flight frequency, capacity and available seat kilometer (ASK) data derived from the Innovata SRS database. It has been created to give quick access to high level information on flight frequency and seat capacity data, showing output by a number of fields including airline, airport, country and continent. The European dataset contains data from 2002, worldwide data from 2005 and six months of future schedules.

Rapid access via an intuitive query system gives fast access to high level and detailed data. Reports can be produced for regular or one-off needs, with on screen visual and downloadable datasets. Capstats.com is an important resource for planners, analysts and business development professionals.

Easy to use search screen
Clear Table of Results
Time-Series Graphical Display

Capstats is a subscription service supported and maintained by RDC. For subscription or site enquiries, please contact us.